Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Head To Toes

One scene: two complete gems of synth erotica.

There are soundtracks and there are soundtracks. This scene involving Nina Hartley and Christoph Clark in rapturous carnal activities has it's video content entirely upstaged by the audio track. The music starts off moody and sexy with an alluring accompanying guitar melody while the keyboard work builds with solo after beautiful solo and some excellent percussion flourishes. Of special note is the guitar solo at 7.10, a glorious sexually drenched fanfare of steamy licks.

This sets the stage for the second part of the scene which switches into full pink neon synth erotica funk overdrive to the climax. The synth melodies ebb and flow, lapping at the shores of sensuality as the action steams up the screen. A truly epic chapter of sexually charged aural pleasures.

I hope you enjoy these two supremely sonically sexy tracks as much as I do.

From Head to Toes 1 by Rick Shithouse

From Head to Toes 2 by Rick Shithouse

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